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HonestReporting's Mission exceeded my high expectations. It was first-class in every way. There's no other way I'd have gained direct access to such a notable experts or problematic areas. The Mission enhanced my awareness of the complex issues Israel faces, and I hope to be a much more effective advocate for truth in the media.

– Carol Stein, Dresher, PA


Draft itinerary for information purposes only. Subject to change.

May 20 - May 26, 2014

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Introductions and Orientation

Reporting from Israel – David Horovitz, Founding Editor, The Times of Israel

Shaping Israel's Image: How to be an Effective Advocate – David Olesker, Jerusalem Center for Communication and Advocacy Training

Lunch at the Inbal Hotel

Tour the Security Fence with IDF Spokesperson, including closed-door briefing

Dinner at Meat & Eat in the Tel Aviv Port, an elegant meat restaurant combining French cuisine and Mediterranean tastes

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Visit MediaCentral, Israel's premier bureau for overseas correspondents

Serving the Foreign Press in Israel – Aryeh Green, Director of MediaCentral

Understanding Media Bias – Simon Plosker, Managing Editor, HonestReporting

Bus to the Western Wall, a living testimony to the strength and resilience of the Jewish nation, for private time and reflection

Followed by lunch at Between the Arches, an ancient crusader cistern converted into an upscale restaurant underneath the Old City of Jerusalem

Tour of the Western Wall Tunnels with Lee Glassman, Tour Guide, Historian, and Jerusalem Expert

Bus to HonestReporting International Headquarters

Monitoring Palestinian Media – Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch (, a watchdog group that monitors Palestinian media for incitement to violence and anti-Israel propaganda

Free evening to enjoy Jerusalem

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

NGOs, Human Rights, and the Campaign to Demonize Israel – Gerald Steinberg, President, NGO Monitor

Visit the Sderot Media Center, where a news agency functions with citizen journalism, dedicated to bringing the voices of Sderot residents to the forefront of world news

Lunch followed by a visit to the Gaza border crossing for an overview of the region plus briefing by IDF spokesperson responsible for humanitarian aid into Gaza

Dinner at B'Chatzer Shel Ora – an original Yemenite meal in a beautiful orchard. The visit includes a tour of its 120 trees, of 80 different kinds, some quite rare and exotic; and authentic Yemenite cuisine from Ora's kitchen. Her Polish-born husband Reuven and she have a remarkable story to tell

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Bus leaves for Hebron to learn the history of the battle for Hebron

Visit The Cave of the Patriarchs

Receive an inside look at the complexities of Hebron by meeting with David Wilder, spokesperson for the Hebron Jewish Community, and Sheikh Fareed Ja'bari of the Muslim Community

Lunch in Hebron

Return to Jerusalem; free time to prepare for Shabbat

Bus leaves for a traditional Shabbat dinner with IDF soldiers, guests, and loads of atmosphere. Walk back to the Inbal Hotel.

Shabbat: Saturday, May 24th, 2014

Optional Shabbat morning services in congregations throughout Jerusalem (options available from hotel concierge)

Shabbat lunch: home hospitality with English-speaking families who have made their homes in Jerusalem

What Arabs in the Region are Really Thinking

  • Khaled Abu Toameh – Israeli Arab, West Bank and Gaza correspondent for The Jerusalem Post, and The U.S. News and World Report
  • Suleiman Khatib – Director, Combatants for Peace

Buffet-style third meal at the Inbal Hotel

To Be a Christian in the Middle East – a frank discussion regarding Christianity in Israel and in the region

Havdalah – bringing Shabbat to a close in the traditional way

Free evening (shops open approx. 9:00 pm)

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

BDS and Other Threats to Israel – Elliot Chodoff, Military Analyst, IDF Major (res.)

Travel to Maale Adumim for a discussion on territorial compromise

Visit the SodaStream factory to meet with the target of the most recent BDS campaign

Discuss current military and political threats to Israel

Drive to the Jordan Valley for briefings on security and peace

Dinner at the Carmel Winery in beautiful Zichron Yaakov

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Time for packing for those leaving today

Unity in Israel: No Longer Just a Dream – MK Dov Lipman, Yesh Atid

Ethics in the Field: An Inside Look at the IDF – IDF Colonel (res.) Ben-Tzion "Bentzi" Gruber

Taking the Battle Against Terrorism into the Courts – Nitsana Leitner, Esq., Director of the Israel Legal Center, which provides legal representation and resources for courtroom struggles on behalf of the Jewish State

Light lunch and check out for those leaving today

How to Effectively Advocate for Israel: Practical Training – Neil Lazarus, Director of

Farewell dinner and closing remarks in the beautiful Anna Ticho House, one of the first homes in Jerusalem built outside the Old City walls, with special guest speaker Mark Regev, Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office

Transfer to Ben-Gurion Airport for those flying tonight

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