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Ever seem like there is a never-ending number of accusations against Israel? Actually, all the major charges from anti-Israel activists can be placed into five separate categories. These charges relate to: Human Rights, Occupation, Racism, Settlements, and Excessive Force. Remember the charges and how to respond to them by remembering the acronym H.O.R.S.E.

The best way to counter anti-Israel claims is to be informed.

  •  H - Human Rights
Israel is frequently charged with violating the human rights of Palestinians. Read these articles to defend against this charge. One specific accusation is that the building of the security barrier violates human rights. But what about the right of the Israeli civilians to life? Here are some links to resources which tell the real story of this barrier.

  •  O - Occupation

A frequent charge against Israel is that it is illegally occupying Palestinian land. Is this charge correct or is there more to the story?

Watch Occupation 101, a virulently anti-Israel movie that has been circulated on YouTube and the internet.

See the following articles for background reading:

  •  Is Israel Occupying the West Bank?

  •  From Occupied to Disputed Territories

  •  Biblical Burial Sites

  •  Judea and Samaria

  •  Israel's Story in Maps

It is worth noting that Israel has offered to compromise on its historical claim to the land. Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip and has agreed to negotiate about a possible Palestinian State.

Test yourself - see if you can write an analysis of how Occupation 101 manipulates its audience.

  •  R - Racism
The accusation that Israel has become an apartheid state has become popular in anti-Israel rhetoric, especially since former President Carter wrote his book "Peace not Apartheid".

Listen to Ronnie Kastril's speech where he argues that Israel is apartheid.

Now see:

  •  Is Israel an apartheid state?

  •  Not an apartheid wall

  •  Why depict Israel as a chamber of horrors

  •  Guardian readers write about apartheid

  •  Dershowitz on an Apartheid State

  •  Myth - "Israel's treatment of the Palestinians is similar to the treatment of blacks in apartheid South Africa", Myths and Facts, Mitchell Bard


  •  NGO "Apartheid State" Campaign: Deliberately Immoral or Intellectually Lazy?, NGO Monitor

  •  Franchising "Apartheid": Why South Africans Push the Analogy, Rhoda Kadalie & Julia Bertelsmann, March 2008

  •  The Campaign to Delegitimize Israel with the False Charge of Apartheid, Robbie Sabel, JCPA (PDF format)

  •  Deconstructing the "Israel - Apartheid Equation", Professor Gideon Shimoni, JCPA (Video)

  •  Israel Apartheid Week Comes to Town, HonestReporting, 4 March 2010

  •  Israel Apartheid Week, CAMERA

  •  S - Settlements

Are Israeli settlements illegal? Are they an obstacle to peace? Read Israel Settlements and International Law.

Does Israel's position on settlements prevent a peace agreement? See what was offered by Israel at Camp David. This generous offer that would have entailed removing most settlements was rejected by the Palestinians.

  •  E - Excessive Force
A common claim is that Israel uses excessive force when using military force. The claim is that this force is disproportionate to the goals of the mission. See Norman Finkelstein.

Now see:

  •  Dori Gold's response

  •  Lebanon

  •  MFA

  •  Excellent film on Hamas

  •  Tit for Tat - what's proportionate response?

  •  Did Israel use disproportionate use of force?

  •  The surge for self defense

  •  The Goldstone Report: Rewarding Palestinian Terror, HonestReporting Special Report, 16 Sept. 2009

  •  Gaza Operations Investigations: An Update, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, January 2010 (PDF format)

  •  The Challenge of the UN Gaza Report, JCPA

  •  New Revelations About the UN Goldstone Report that Seriously Undermine its Credibility, Dore Gold & Jonathan D. Halevi, JCPA, Feb. 2010

  •  Hamas & the Terrorist Threat from the Gaza Strip - The Main Findings of the Goldstone Report Versus the Factual Findings, Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, March 2010 (PDF format)

  •  A Moral Evaluation of the Gaza War - Operation Cast Lead, Asa Kasher, JCPA, 4 Feb. 2010

  •  Blocking the Truth of the Gaza War: How the Goldstone Commission Understated the Hamas Threat to Palestinian Civilians, Jonathan D. Halevi, JCPA, 18 Sept. 2009

  •  The Case Against the Goldstone Report: A Study in Evidentiary Bias, Alan Dershowitz

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