Digital Diplomats

This class will teach you how to use the Internet to help ensure the reporting about Israel is honest.

Even newspapers that are generally critical about Israel have been noting how successful Israel has been in its use of the Internet as a tool for public relations. With social media reaching addictive levels, it is becoming impossible to ignore.

We are dividing this class into two parts: first, how to use the Internet to receive information, and second, how to share that information globally.

Before we get started, we suggest you open an account on the following Internet platforms. This is may take a few minutes but it's a crucial step to your digital diplomacy


  •  Facebook

  •  Twitter

  •  Delicious

  •  Google

  •  Digg

  •  Blogger or Word Press

Using the Internet to receive information

  •  Google Alerts - Get email updates on the topics of your choice

  •  Blog Search - Find blogs on your favorite topics

  •  Directory - Search the web, organized by topic or category

  •  Images - Search for images on the web

  •  News - Search thousands of news stories

  •  Scholar - Search scholarly papers

  •  Web Search - Search billions of web pages

  •  Translate - View web pages in other languages

  •  RSS

  •  IMRA Mailing List

  •  HonestReporting Mailing

  •  AwesomeSeminars Mailing

  •  Palestinian Media Watch Mailing

  •  Haaretz Kolbo Alerts

  •  Access the Information Department of the Israeli Foreign Ministry's application in order to receive the latest official news from the MFA website, newsroom, featured videos, and photos of current events going on in Israel and the Middle East.


Using the Internet to disseminate information

Now that you know how to use the power of the Internet to receive the latest information about Israel, it's time to use the Internet to disseminate the truth. Social networking is a way to quickly reach thousands of people with the information you want to share. If you are new to social networking, here is a great overview from HonestReporting to help you on the way.

Now, here are some of the ways you can go from being a news consumer to a news provider.

  •  You need to set up a blog. Use Blogger or Word Press.

  •  Websites - You may be able to set up a website - today it's easy and cheap. There are many sites that enable you to set up and host multiple sites.

I recommend Gator Hosting. They allow you to host and build your sites with them.

Google has said that the faster pages on your site load, the higher up in the rankings you will be. Click here for tips on getting pages to load faster.

On your Facebook account set up 3 fan pages related to Israel. Click here to learn how. Here is an example of one I created.

  •  Video - Download a video of your choice then upload it to Youtube. Remember to link this to your Facebook and Twitter accounts so that it appears in 3 places at once. You can also link it to your blog.

 •  For example, you can download videos about the Gaza flotilla incident here. See how to upload the video to multiple sites at the same time.

 •  When posting videos on YouTube you can use YouTube's editor to make things shorter. If you use Windows, I recommend Windows Movie Maker. For Mac users, use iMovie

 •  When you make a video, I recommend adding a simple notice at the end of your video - "Send This Video to 5 People." By adding this caption to this video I managed to receive over 150,000 hits on this video.

  •   Tweet Later - Tweet Later enables you to be a remote Digital Diplomat by setting Tweets on remote control and presetting your status on Facebook.

  •  "AddThis" Toolbar - The "AddThis" toolbar is an essential tool for digital diplomats. "AddThis" is a helpful tool to make sharing and bookmarking simple. With it, you can share any content you wish on your social networks. Download "AddThis" here.

  •   Online groups. You can create your own online groups using Yahoo or Google.

  •   Google Earth - Combine Google Earth and YouTube for some wild effects. We searched Iranian nuclear sites on Google Earth and then converted this to a YouTube video. Over 65,000 people have watched this video which took only 3 minutes to make!!

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