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What is C.H.A.R.M.?

  •  Contradict

  •  Highlight Weaknesses

  •  Answer

  •  Reframe

  •  Message

In this video, the technique of CHARM is discussed. CHARM is a crucial technique to master and use when blogging, arguing, or writing an article.

Let us recap:

  •  Contradict - you are allowed to say somebody is wrong.

  •  Humiliate - or devalue the statement.
The key sentences: "it's more complicated than that", "let's move away from rhetoric", and "you are ignoring facts on the ground".

  •  Answer - at this stage you need to give a brief answer.

  •  Reframe - take the question or issue elsewhere. Use "that's not the issue, the issue is ..." or "you need to remember ... "

  •  Message - remember the message you want to deliver.

Bring personal examples and use the words: hope, future, children and peace.


See CHARM in action

CHARM is a technique used by many politicians as a means of convincing their audience. Sometimes it is used in a more subtle manner. See if you can spot CHARM in some of the following examples.

    Neil Lazarus CHARMS his opponent on Sky TV click here

    Diana Butto, Palestinian lawyer, CHARMS her audience click here

   Raanan Gissin CHARMS his audience about the flotilla incident click here

    David Horowitz CHARMS an Islamic student
click here

Example email letter using CHARM in answer to an article by the BBC

See original BBC article here

Dear Editor

Your recent article alleging a 'Critical Emergency' in Gaza was factualy wrong, simplistic and ignored the facts on the ground.

Rather than pointing the blame at Israel we should point the blame at Hamas, a radical Islamic organization that seeks the destruction of the Jewish State.

Your article should have addressed the campaign of terror Hamas has committed against Israel and it's own people - many of whom have been held as human shields.

The reality is that Israel left Gaza, evicting 9000 Jewish people from their homes in order to save lives and move to peace with the Palestinians.

It is only when the the media accurately reports in an honest manner the situation in Gaza that Israeli and Palestinian children will be able to live together in peace.

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